You have to be a very special person to be part of our team. Do you think you have special qualities and think that you can contribute? Please don’t be shy about telling us all about you! We are currently looking for people who put their hearts into things to help with the following fantastic opportunities with Osborne Heath.


We are looking for the best! Sewing tests will be required.

Now, this is a peach of a job. We just need to find a peach of a person. Lesley needs some help to spread the word and it really doesn’t matter to us where this person is based as our work takes us everywhere! We are looking for a jolly nice person who cares as much as the rest of us and is willing to run about daft telling lots of people all about the good work we do. All situations and experience will be listened to if the person has the drive, ambition and above all else, the sense of humour.

Finlay says his position is well and truly taken and he dares any other dog to apply

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