At Osborne Heath, we can only be the best we can be by choosing to work with like-minded companies to work as part of our team. Here are a few of our key suppliers, selected for the purity of their design, quality, product guarantees and most importantly for being great people to work alongside us. They share cake, they plan projects with us and they give us best advice when we need it. They also share the high-fives!


Silent Gliss
Internationally recognised as being the leading manufacturer of high-end window treatment systems, which includes blinds and track systems. Silent Gliss are very important to us and we work closely with them to ensure perfect results on all installations. In our experience, their policy of only using the highest quality materials, provide the smoothest of actions and with long product guarantees, we install their products with confidence for our clients.


Bute Fabrics

Having been the first ever salesperson employed by Bute Fabrics, Bute blood still runs in Lesley’s veins. From this tiny island, and privately owned by the Marquess of Bute, the most incredible, contemporary fabrics are woven, engineered to exceptional qualities of durability. Their fabrics have covered airports all over the world, exhibitions centres and many hotels and corporate locations. Just have a look at those colours for inspiration!



Vescom is leading the way with product innovation based on a “let’s make it easy for the market to use us” approach, which we really like! There is a growing need for stylish, elegant and beautiful products for the hospitality, healthcare and corporate markets and these guys are getting it right. Make it easy? Try finding fabrics out there which meet the necessary fire retardancy standards, are light fast and are resistant to wear – then, get it in stock! It’s a nightmare doing this on behalf of clients, but Vescom is one of the first calls we make, as they are consistently there for us. Be inspired by their contemporary, cosmopolitan website; but keep an open mind for product application in historic or traditional spaces. We’ve done them all and it works!


wolffe logo_reverse
It is rare these days to meet someone in a consultative situation who truly listens! I mean proper active listening, not passive and distracted. Andrew Wolffe is someone we absolutely love to work with as he too takes a really good brief! Our website is all that we wanted it to be and hopefully communicates what we are all about as a bunch of people with a ‘can do’ attitude’. Andrew has an amazing ability to take general ramblings and turn them into corporate branding which is stylish, distinctive and entirely appropriate.  Anyone thinking of going through this exercise would be in totally safe hands. Lesley says ‘I am often asked about all sorts of things to do with aesthetics, and marketing is one of them. I am very confident introducing Andrew and take great pleasure out of the synergy between our teams’.


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