Lesley Osborne, DirectorLesley Osborne, Director
Lesley has been in the contract interiors industry for over 25 years and is driven by good old fashioned customer service. She is a stickler for attention to detail and does not tolerate anything less than perfection. Lesley has a vast understanding of fabrics and interior finishes and has a sixth sense when taking a brief from clients. She is known as being ‘reliable’, but she is working on being something more exciting.
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Martin Heath, DirectorMartin Heath, Director
Martin has huge responsibility and is the boss at Osborne Heath, looking after operations. Used to managing a team of 500 men, he thinks making curtains is far more challenging. He is a procedures man and makes sure we are all ‘on track’. He is the ying to Lesley’s yang and between them, they make a good team. ‘Chalk and cheese’ is often heard around them, but that can only be a good thing.
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Gary Marshall, Installation ManagerGary Marshall, Installation Manager
We are so chuffed that fate brought Gary to us. Ex-Facilities Manager at the Scottish Office, Gary knows a bit about everything! He is calm, organised and professional whilst the rest of us are running around mad. He’s yet another of us Control Freaks and is slowly replacing Lesley as the OH nag… “Thank God for Gary” is often mentioned around him and we do really wonder how we managed without him. PS He is always up for a game of golf if anyone interested should ask him.
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Lynn Hogarth, Procurement ManagerLynn Hogarth, Procurement Manager
Lynn is one of those lovely people whom you feel you have known for ever. Lynn handles all the things needed to turn the dreams into reality and that is a big job! It takes close relationships with our suppliers and lots of fabric discussions to make our lovely things happen and she does it beautifully. Get in touch with Lynn if you have amazing products to show us.
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Carol Paterson, Production ManagerCarol, Production Manager
We are all so very proud of Carol. She was the team’s choice when the fast flow of the business forced us to appoint a team leader and we made a group decision. Carol is a very capable person who can be scarily direct. She is respected by all of us and she is up for any challenge. She and Martin work together on the finer detail of production and costing and they are often seen with heads together over a cuppa. Carol allows Lesley to wax lyrical about clients’ ideas and wish lists and then turns the words into beautiful things. The fact that she is constantly laughing and singing to the radio means that we are sorted.
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Bernadette McAra, Factory AngelBernadette McAra, Factory Angel
If you ever need anyone to ‘sort’ something, Bernadette’s your woman. Her business card is given to our clients as the best back-up ever after we have dusted down the site. She has even been known to offer to iron a client’s sheets, such is her commitment to how a room is left by us.
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Our GirlsOur Girls
These girls are the dogs’ rear wheels. They are known as the best sewers in our industry, having trained with Jaeger, the high-quality clothing company. These girls simply know what real quality sewing is all about. Having transferred their skills over the years to become the best soft furnishings team in the UK, their work constantly provokes much appreciation from our clients – and some have even cried (You know who you are!) As a team, they manage the boys, set the ground rules and generally manage Osborne Heath without even realising. They are quite simply a formidable bunch of women. Visitors to our lovely factory are constantly drawn into the finer aspects of curtain-making with them and we are very happy to involve clients in the process right from the beginning.

Thomas Jamieson, SurveyorThomas Jamieson, Surveyor
Thomas is an exceptionally nice guy. He is a young man with old school manners. He has a quiet dignity about him as he gets his head around the scope of new projects. He is the man who starts the ball rolling with the all important measurements, so he has a very important role within the team. He is extremely organised and is very, very focused! The OH attention to detail starts here!

William Cumming, FitterWilliam, Fitter
A truly nice guy, we are lucky to have William on the team. He is out on site fitting curtains and seating, making pelmets, upholstering… Who says guys can’t multi-task? He’s not only aesthetically pleasing (sorry William), he’s a thinker too and constantly nips Lesley and Martin’s heels with great suggestions and ideas.

Robert, FitterRobert, Fitter
Robert has a huge amount of all-round experience working to hotel brand standards such as Hilton. Robert is one of those kind of guys who will just ‘fix’ everything and takes the sweat off. “It’s OK, Robert’s here” is always the nice thing to hear around the factory and he just can’t do enough to help. Nothing is ever a bother to our Robert.

Jamie, FitterJamie, Fitter
Jamie is a joy to be around – charming, helpful, and em… gorgeous – and having joined us recently, we are amazed at how quickly he has become a valuable part of the team.

Finlay, Friend ExtraordinaireFinlay, Friend Extraordinaire
Finlay takes his position very seriously at Osborne Heath. From his corner at Martin’s desk, his job is to offer a smile (yes, teeth and everything) when the going gets tough and a friendly welcome to our visitors, unless you are a particular delivery man. He has a soft spot for Bernie and anyone else who offers him something to eat.
Dolly Osborne, Friend Extraordinaire in trainingDolly Osborne, Friend Extraordinaire in training
Hello, Dolly. Dolly is the very youngest member of the team and is being supported by
the PETS initiative which Finlay is in charge of. Puppy Enterprise Training Scheme
ensures that the four-legged team members at OH know what their job is – to soothe
stressed souls, make everyone laugh and to make sure that OH routines are regular.
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